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Privacy Policy

Active Community Engagement LTD.
Privacy Policy (2018)



Active Community Engagement Ltd manage a number of sports and fitness facilities, where we hire out space to sports and other clubs and provide coaching for sports, fitness and gymnastics to individuals of all ages.


This requires us to maintain a database of customer details, including:

• Name

• Address

• Age

• Contact Phone Number

• Email Address

• Skill Level Of Specific Coached Activity

• Where A Club Or Individual Coaches Minors, We Keep Their DBS Number, Although We Do Not Keep A Copy Of Their DBS       Form On Fiile.


ACE Ltd Privacy Policy:

• We do not collect or hold any data from customers or individuals accessing our websites.

• Where we hold customer and club data at our leisure sites, we do not ever pass any of this information on to any third party company or individuals.

• We do not keep any credit card, debit card or payment information on file, on computer or on paper.

• All information containing the personal details of any staff member, club, hirer, or customer is kept in locked filing cabinets, accessible only by authorised managers.

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