CV Machines


Cardiovascular equipment promotes good health, weight loss and stress relieve.


We have a variety of cardiovascular machines available including treadmills, crosstrainers, rowers and exercise bikes, that are designed to achieve an aerobic/anaerobic and strength training workout.


Cardiovascular equipment will improve your heart rate, your blood pressure, can help manage Diabetes and Increase your metabolism.

Resistance Machines
Brunel has a wide range of resistance machines that cater for all needs.
Chest press, shoulder press, leg extension and lat pull down machine plus many others will ensure that you can overload your body causing it to react by growing stronger, increasing bone density, joint function and tendon and ligament strength.
Body composition will be greaty affected also, lean muscle mass is a very important factor of good overall health

Free Weights
A great way to increase muscular tone and increase size.
We offer premium dumbbells up to 30kgs
With 4 high quality benches, a smith machine, 2 cable machines and a squat rack, Brunel has the tools for you to achieve your goals!




Brunel Fitness


Whether you're looking to lose weight, get fit, or bulk up, we have a wide variety of equipment to suit your needs.


Our trained staff are on hand to show you new and different exercises to get the most out of our extensive range of kit.




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