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Brunel Fitness Centre

We are a community-based gym that is suitable for everyone. We offer a facility with a variety of equipment, classes, and discounted personal training.

One Of Our PT's Instructing Members @ BFC
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Get Started With Us Now!

At Brunel Fitness Centre, we cater for all ages and abilities in our community based environment. Whether you are looking to train for health, fitness, or performance reasons, we have the high-quality equipment available to support your development. 
Throughout our opening hours, you will benefit from the help and advise our qualified fitness instructors who boast numerous years of experience and areas of expertise. Alongside their friendly conversations, staff will always be on hand to create tailored training programs, show you exercise demonstrations, and enlighten you with plenty of tips! 
If you are looking for some fun challenges, we boast a comprehensive class schedule that is suitable for all levels of fitness experience and included within our memberships! 
Alongside our membership plans, you can also utilise the benefit of discounted Personal Training sessions.
If an illness or an injury may have halted your lifestyle, we can work together to develop individualised programs which can help you to improve your health conditions and lead you to an improved general lifestyle through our exercise referral schemes.
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